Nexa Law

Why we are different

nexa law delivers evolved legal services to a broad spectrum of business and private clients. As a new model law firm, we have reimagined the way in which both lawyers and clients experience legal services. We offer a new way of doing business which breaks away from the traditional, rigid style of operation of most law firms to a more modern way of working based on a flexible, on demand approach. We believe that our clients deserve this new model of law firm which enables them to access the very best senior lawyers directly, and at a highly competitive cost. Since our overheads are lower than those of most traditional law firms, we can pass those savings on to our clients.

Our history

In 2016, nexa law was founded by its experienced leadership team Eliot Hibbert and John Roberts. The firm was granted approval by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) to operate as a fully regulated law firm (Alternative Business Structure) with all the benefits and protections that offers clients. Subsequently in 2020, nexa acquired specialist London corporate firm Peregrine Law and Nigel Clark was welcomed into the management team. As a leading new model law firm, nexa law offers its clients a more flexible and rewarding way to access legal advice, and its consultant lawyers a more flexible and rewarding way to deliver it. It’s a win-win model that benefits everybody involved and has enabled the business to grow steadily and sustainably.

Our founders

When John and Eliot founded the business, it was their vision to give both lawyers and clients the experience they deserved from a law firm. As a solicitor, Eliot knew that law firms were too constrained by tradition and too slow to innovate, so he designed an alternative. John is involved in multiple businesses across various sectors as both investor and director. The common theme for John is to provide the best service possible to customers and team members, often with many of those team members working on a consultancy basis. With that ethos in mind, nexa law was born. In 2020, Nigel joined the management team having worked in some of the world’s leading law firms in London, Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney. Eliot and Nigel serve as Co-CEOs, John as Chairman, and Victoria Hibbert as COO, alongside further members of the Business Team.