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FAQs for candidates

Have a question? Hopefully we can answer it for you below. But if you can’t find an answer here or elsewhere on our site, please get in touch via our contact page as we’d love to hear from you.

Can only women register with 2to3days?

No, everyone is welcome. We simply believe that we can do more for the good of all by championing women to work flexibly. As a workplace that works for women works for everyone.

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Do all your roles offer flexible working?

Yes, they all offer flexible working arrangements. Some are naturally more flexible than others depending on the type of role, seniority and the culture and ethos of the company.

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Why should I create a 2to3days account and upload my CV?

We would encourage you to do this for 2 reasons.

  1. It means you may well be headhunted for a role, as our clients can pay to access our CV database and approach you directly. Don’t worry, your name and contact details remain hidden from them and are only revealed with your consent (if you’re shortlisted).
  2. It means that if a role is advertised on our site you are all set up to apply for it straight away.

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What types of roles do you have advertised on your site? 

A wide variety of business and professional roles across industry and functional area. More and more roles are being advertised daily, so it is a good idea to check the site on a regular basis.

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How will I know if a new role is being advertised on the site that might be perfect for me?

When you’re registered with us you can set up personalised job alerts. You will receive an e-mail notification immediately a job is posted that matches or is close to your requirements. You can edit your preferences at any time.

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​​​​​​​I don’t have a CV and/or LinkedIn profile - can you help me? 

Yes, we can. You can have your CV and/or LinkedIn profile created by our highly experienced CV writers.

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