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Bespoke hiring solutions

Lean on our hiring experts with 2to3daysSearch; we’ll work on your behalf to find hard-to-reach talent.

Or tap into 2to3days++ and leverage our proprietorial first-party marketing data to further extend your job ads (via social and display) to reach our remarketing audiences and other custom audiences we’ve painstakingly built to precision target female job seekers by job discipline, experience or professional qualification. We can showcase your organisation’s values, its diversity and workplace culture.

Our 2to3daysEmployerBrand package includes a suite of content marketing, social amplification and events to promote your employer brand to the 2to3days community of professional women.


As we enter a new era of flexible working & output driven work environments, talent is in high demand

  • Our recruitment experts do the hard work for you
  • We hire on behalf of your organisation in the strictest of confidence
  • Taps into our networks of c-suite execs and other highly skilled professionals
  • Extensive research to identify potential candidates
  • In-depth profiling of candidates’ leadership values and growth behaviours

2to3daysSearch is an extension of your internal HR & Talent teams. It provides a collaborative research driven solution that allows you to tap-into to a high-performing, diverse and hard-to-reach talent pool, supporting you to successfully meet your DE&I objectives.

Using our structured methodology, 2to3daySearch provides effective research support, no matter the discipline or industry. We understand when there is a need for confidentiality or a highly specialized talent in candidate-reduced markets. Our goal is to find the perfect match for your role and your company.

How do we do it?

The vast majority of candidates we engage with will be passive and not actively seeking a career change. Our research team conducts an extensive market mapping campaign, to ensure that all the relevant target candidates are identified,  before producing a long list of business professionals who have the potential to fulfill your role. We will also use our extensive 2to3days network to make recommendations & referrals, particularly the 'hidden' talent, not on networking platforms or those looking to return to work after a career break. 

Our holistic shortlisting process is unashamedly meticulous. Not only assessing candidate competencies & professional track record but also culturally assessing their fit with your organisation,  based on their leadership values & growth behaviours.

Whatever your requirement, our structured and confidential approach is the most time & cost-effective way to maximize results. We can't wait to partner with you to smash your DE&I targets.

Why use 2to3daysSearch?

REACH - To engage with the best passive candidates & women not on social networking sites

DIVERSITY - A customised delivery methodology to guarantee diverse and quality hires

CONFIDENTIALITY - We operate without disclosing client details to guarantee discretion

TIME - To save you the significant amount of time & internal resource that  executive search requires

FUTURE - A solution for talent planning & succession planning including board potential


  • Promote your progressive brand, its values, D&I 
  • Events, webinars
  • Host videos
  • Curated content blogs

For when you need to promote and showcase your organisation’s values, D&I policies and working cultures to the 2to3days job seeker audiences.