Returnships for Employers

2to3days is the ultimate platform for you to advertise your Returnship programme We have a proven track record of supplying quality applicants for our employers’ Returnship programmes and, via our weekly e-news, automated job alerts, our webinar events and our social media activity we are reaching thousands of professional and experienced women, many of whom are looking to return to work after a career break.

Our candidates are

  • 97% women 
  • Seriously bright - 84% have a degree, 36% a masters and 14% a doctorate
  • Very experienced - 89% have over 10 years working experience
  • 65% are currently on a career break

Who are our candidates? ****STATS DON'T MATCH THE ABOVE ****

Two women stand looking at a laptop
percent have 10+ years experience
Three women laugh during a meeting
percent have a masters and/or PhD
Woman smiles at a colleague during a meeting
percent have senior management experience
A woman sits working at a table in her home, with a girl and man talking beside her
percent have had a career break

Our Returnship package

We know  you want to pack a punch with your advertising and marketing spend when it comes to promoting your Returnship programme and reaching the right calibre of ‘returners’. With this in mind, we have created the following package:

**************EC/BC please provide finalise details (for benvon to clarify list of benefits)***************

  • Your own company page explaining the programme together with uploading imagery and video to help promote your programme
  • Your logo on our homepage which will link through to your company page
  • Targeted email campaign 
  • If you are running an in-house recruitment event you may also promote this via our events page which in turn we will promote via email and give a boost on social media.BC/EC will this be 1 x mention in our weekly newsletter and 1x mention via social media channels? 
  • Your own dedicated page that enables you to explain what your Returnship programme entails together with brand imagery
  • 3 x single adverts promoting the Returnship programme (@benvon – are these adverts job listings? If so, we should state as such)
  • An email and social media campaign to boost your message to our engaged community *********************- EC/BC what exactly so we don’t over promise*******************

The Returnship package costs £1,650 +VAT. Buy it online now

For an additional £750+vat we can further extend your Returnship programme beyond the core 2to3days audiences; we do this by utilising 2to3days first party data and running paid campaigns to precision-target more applicants matching your criteria. This approach, called 2to3days++, includes retargeting, paid search and social campaigns, all underpinned with our proprietorial data. And we have a very experienced in-house team to take care of this for you. 

Do you have the in-house capability to run a successful Returnship programme?

If you do great! If not, let us introduce you to our partners, Inclusivity

Inclusivity have considerable experience running Returnships. This includes sourcing the candidates and providing candidate coaching, as well as working with line managers to ensure they are fully supported throughout the process as well.

Get in touch with them to find out more about how they could help your business tap into the rich seam of talented women looking to return to their careers.

FAQs for Returnships

What is a Returner Programme?

A returnship is a specially designed programme to support people returning to work after a long break (typically 2 years or more) which are fully supported to help the returner back to permanent employment. There are many forms of returner programme, including return -to- practice and retraining programmes. Typically, the programmes are designed for mid-to-senior roles.

The different types of Returner Programme

There are two types of Returner programme. 

A ‘returnship’ is a fixed term contract for experienced hires, with a strong likelihood, but no guarantee, of an ongoing role at the end of the programme, if the placement period goes well for both sides. A cohort of typically between 10 -20 returners are taken through the programme. 

A ‘supported hiring’ programme involves hiring individual returners directly into permanent experienced hire roles.

What’s the definition of a returner?

Returners are defined as people with existing work experience who have taken an extended career break typically for 2+ years for caring or other reasons and who are either economically inactive or now working in lower paid, temporary or part-time work or in home businesses or freelance roles. Returners can be male or female but are predominantly women.

Can a Returnship programme help improve diversity, equality and inclusion?

The answer is yes. The largest ‘brain drain’ of talent from an organisation is from mid to senior female managers who leave work due to the inability to integrate work into their lives (typically due to caring responsibilities). Returnships they are a brilliant way to support this talent pool back into the workplace and. Also to attract talent that has had to leave the work force due to an illness or disability. 

How long is a Returnship programme? 

They are typically for 6 months but can be as short as 3 months. During that period the returners are provided with on-the-job experience and training, as well as coaching and mentoring. This process ensures that the returnee is fully supported throughout, as well as helping line managers get the best out of their people.

​​​​​​​Do we have to hire all the returners at the end of the programme?

There is no requirement to do so, and the returner may not wish to stay after the programme. But it is in everyone’s interests to encourage this option as much as possible. 

The importance of a supportive working culture

Running a Returnship programme is not a ‘tick box exercise’ and to be a success the full buy in from the senior leadership team is essential. You also need the support and to provide training and support to the other the key stakeholders such as the Hiring Managers and Line Managers.

When’s the best time of year to run a Returnship Programme?

You need to look at this from the perspective of the organisation and the returnee.  For the organisation it’s best to avoid the busy periods of intense workload and for returners it is best to avoid starting a programme at the beginning of the school holidays. Popular times to start running a programme tend to be January, June or September, whilst companies who have more experience running them may do so on a rolling basis. 

Promoting the Returnship Programme

It’s vital that the way in which you promote your Returnship programme is as supportive and informative as possible. As it is highly likely that the returners you are looking to attract are feeling nervous about coming back to work, you should factor in the following:

  • Keep the application process simple, highly include clear information and offer sufficient time to apply 
  • Train the hiring managers to be able to discuss the programme, the salary and the degree of flexibility on offer, from day one of the selection process the programme, the salary and the degree of flexibility on offer.