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2to3days can help maximise your candidate appeal and interview-readiness.

Our recruitment experts have created helpful guidelines such as how to write the perfect covering letter and how to prepare for an interview. 2to3days also offers a competitively priced CV writing and interview-coaching service.

And our news from the hood is full of useful advice for job-seekers covering topics like Returnships, How to Negotiate Flexible Working Terms and 10 tips for LGBTQ+ job-seekers.

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CVs by 2to3days

Finding a role that reignites or accelerates your career begins with marketing yourself effectively. Getting your CV, LinkedIn and covering letter right is essential. And we can help.

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Writing a covering letter

A cover letter can form a key part of the selection process for when hiring. Read our top tips for perfecting your cover letter and boosting your chances of making it to interview.