ICAS Foundation

A CA offers much more than number crunching to their clients – they’re a trusted source of advice. ICAS supports its Members to go above and beyond with the latest thinking, resources and support.

In August 2021, ICAS sought the views of members in practice on a range of issues as part of our regular insight surveys. One of the messages which came out from that survey was that many Members who work in practice were unaware of the vast number of resources and support more generally which is available.



In January 2021, a new programme of support for practice was launched. Evolve provides a range of assistance and tools necessary for ICAS firms to keep up to date and evolve as the world around changes. The elements of the programme will also evolve over time and indeed have done so during the first months of the programme being launched.

The support programme is based around five key components:

  • Knowledge and Insights
  • Practice Services
  • Promotional support
  • Firm support
  • Professional development


Importantly, the resources are available to everyone in an ICAS firm, whether they are ICAS Members or not, as we recognise that firms only thrive and deliver great client service when everyone in the firm has access to resources and support.

All ICAS firms are automatically entitled to participate in the Evolve programme and additional benefits are available to firms on a subscription basis through the Evolve+ and Evolve Premium tiers.